Unmatched freshness from the farm to your table

Established in 2004. PT Panca Mitra Multiperdana Tbk (PMMP) is one of the leading Shrimp Processor and Exporter in Indonesia. Headquartered in Surabaya and with a processing plant located in Situbondo and Tarakan, with total production capacity of 25,000 tons/year combined with 46,000 tons of cold storage facilities.

In 16 years since, PMMP has become a leading shrimp exporter in Indonesia, ranked 2nd on the league table based on total volume of exported shrimp in 2019. PMMP has been exporting shrimp to all major markets around the world such as US, Japan, Europe, and others. Our products have made breakthrough in retail markets and food services in US and Japan.



Overhead View of Our Situbondo Facility

PMMP exists to provide and serve only the best, natural, freshest frozen shrimp to our customers. Treated with the utmost care throughout our supply chain from the farm to the table, we believe freshness is not only about quality, it is our identity.